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"Tech Nerd" with Nadine.

The "Tech Nerd" is a Grade 10 student at A Nigma High and a member of the Genius Club. "Tech Nerd" is a fan of Ace Von Chillstein, and always acts as a kiss-up to his son. He also thinks Lee Ping is cool, and vouches for him when he accidentally discovers the Genius Club HQ.

Tech Nerd is shown to be quite skilled with computers, as he is among the smartest students in the school in the Genius Club. Alongside Nadene, Tech Nerd discovered what would become the Genius Club's office during the night where the Cleaners went berserk.


# Episode Role Notes
Season 2
19 Mastermind Cameo appearance First appearance
21 School Hard Major role
23 Tales from Decrypt Minor role
Season 3
# Episode Role Notes
28 Return of the Ping Cameo appearance
29 Clogspiracy Cameo appearance


  • "Tech Nerd"'s name comes from the title that Brad gives him in School Hard, calling him the tech nerd of the group.
  • Tech Nerd has a different character design in Return of the Ping and Clogspiracy, this may have been a mistake from the creators.
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