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15th Graders
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Season 1 · Episode 9
Episode Information
Written by Dave Dias
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date March 1, 2012
Flag of Australia   Air Date July 7, 2012
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15th Graders is the 9th episode of Detentionaire. It first aired on March 1st, 2012 in Canada.


  • Lee Ping’s Bedroom/HQ

“I’m the guy who got detention for a whole year for pulling off the biggest prank in High School History; except, I didn’t do it, and trying to prove that little fact hasn’t been easy. But things changed when the Mastermind behind the whole prank made contact with me. I came this close to finding out who it was but they got away. I still don’t know who switched my bag and set me up for the prank, but there is one thing I do know: if I don’t find out who Radcircles is, I may never see life outside detention again!”

  • 3:30:14PM

Lee Ping is being chased through the football field by the 15th Graders and The Red Tazelwurm while debating who is going kill him first: them or his mother!

  • 7:37AM

Mrs. Ping is driving Lee to school. Lee receives an automatic reminder on his phone that he does not remember putting there that only says 1287-24-12-19. Once on school grounds, Lee meets up with Holger Holgaart and Camillio Martinez and discusses the number sequence. Lee at first believes Radcircles programmed in the number sequence in an email but Camillio points out that it has to be done by hand.

Lee is confused by this fact as no-one but him have had the chance to program it in. At this, the Tazelwurm arrives and steals Holger’s breakfast smoothie. At which point, Lee realizes that someone could only have programmed in the reminder during the brief period a few days ago in which the Tazelwurm stole the phone.

Lee at first believes that the numbers are a code and he reluctantly allows Holger to go ask the Mathletes for help, the latter mostly doing so as an excuse to see his crush Greta Von Hoffman. Greta’s theory however is a little… out there. Another encounter with the Tazelwurm leads Lee to the conclusion that it’s a locker number and the combination for said locker.

Lee traces the locker to the “Forbidden Hall” and against his better judgment goes inside anyway. He quickly finds the locker he is looking for and nearly inputs the combination before he is confronted by the 15th graders. For entering their territory Chopper, their leader, challenges Lee to a fight after school at 3:15 PM, as further punishment for intruding on their territory they go on a water balloon rampage.

Chaz Monerainian and Tina Kwee talk to Lee about going down to the forbidden wing, claiming he has a death wish. Lee however is nonchalant about the ordeal as he has Detention during the fight. At this Vice Principal Victoria arrives and gives Lee the “Good news” in accordance with the student charter of rights Lee has a single

Tazelwurm in flash back

day of amnesty from detention, today!

Therefore Lee will be able to meet the 15th graders after school after all. Lee goes to the cafeteria, Brandy Silver making a big deal out of Lee’s fight, the way she sees it no matter who wins her popularity will sky rocket. Holger, in a rare bout of genius, suggests that Lee get detention again so that he can miss the fight.

With this Lee immediately starts a food fight, unfortunately Victoria instead believes that an Emo named Giuseppe Stern started the fight and sends him off to detention. With this a new prank is devised, Lee prints out several pictures of himself and replaces all the portraits in the trophy cabinet with them. Meanwhile Barrage and Victoria are discussing the amnesty clause.

Barrage at first believes it to be Lee that set up the cabinet but Victoria points out the illogic of Lee trying to get detention on his one amnesty day. Instead Barrage spots the laughing Ed McFeeney and Irwin Dexter and has the Cleaners drag them off to detention. During class Holger suggest that Lee instead frame the 15th Graders for a prank to get them into detention.

Inside the machine shop where the 15th graders are hanging out Lee covers the place with bird seed and turns pigeon’s loose inside. Barrage spots the incident on the camera and incorrectly assumes that only the Bird watching club would have the skills needed to pull off the prank and has the Cleaners drag off Robin Raven. With the 15th graders distracted Lee opens the locker and discovers that it contains his original bag from the Prank.

Lee is confronted by the 15th graders. They know its Lee who covered them with pigeon poop and thus their grudge against him has intensified. When questioned about the Prank they claim they did it all. With this Lee realizes the importance of meeting with the 15th graders afterschool, as getting them to confess may finally clear his name.

  • 3:10PM

Lee meets with the 15th graders after school. Though both he and Holger try to get a recording of Chopper confessing to the prank he instead discovers that they had nothing to do with the prank, they were just stupidly playing along. At this point Lee’s mother drags him off to her car, while he has a day off from detention his grounding is still in full effect.

Once in the car Lee is informed by Camillio that with Lee unavailable the 15th graders have instead decided to divert their wrath onto Holger. Lee returns to the football pitch, where he is able to whip the crowd into a
Tazel worm 14

Tazelwurm smiling at lee

frenzy reminding them of all the suffering they’ve been put through. Though the 15th graders are still ready for a fight but they and the crowd are chased away by the Tatzel Worm. 

Lee is informed by Biffy Goldstein that his mother is on her way back to car. Picking up where the preview left off Lee narrowly gets back into the car at the same time as his mother. Once home Lee contemplates the fact that he’s got his bag back, wondering if the Tazelwurm somehow set the whole thing up.




Detentionaire Episode 9 English Dub


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In Mannifestum Rising, it is shown how The Red Tatzelwurm obtains the Key by stopping Carl Brocher from getting it,