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An aerial view of A Nigma High.

Alexander Nigma High (more commonly known as A. Nigma High) is the school Lee Ping attends and the main setting for the series. It was founded by the school's first principal, Alexander Nigma, in Toronto, Ontario. It was also the site of the Prank that Lee was framed for, which kicked off the start of the series. The school seems to serve as cover for an underground laboratory, which seems to involve experiments that closely relate to Lee Ping, The Red Tazelwurm, and Coral Grove.

School structure (chart)Edit

Individual Position Clique
Lee Ping Student None
Holger Holgaart Exchange student None
Camillio Martinez Student Council and Class President
Tina Kwee Student News Team
Chaz Monerainian Student News Team
Biffy Goldstien Student none
Mr. Langhorne Teacher Staff
Mrs. Ping Teacher Staff
Mrs. Lob Teacher (formerly) Staff (formerly)
Coach Pummel Teacher/Coach (formerly) Staff (formerly)
Wendell Barrage Co-Principal General/Coach Staff
Wurst Co-Principal

Staff (formerly)

Cyrus Student


Zed Student Skaters
Steve Student Jocks
Red Tazelwurm Mascot None
Kimmie Student Glamazons / Popular kids
Brandy Silver Student Glamazons / Popular kids
Lynch Webber

Staff (actually)

Student (undercover)

Veronica Victoria Vice-Principal (formerly) Staff (formerly)
Ed Student Down With Lee Club
Cleaners Janitors Staff
Dick Andrews Student Popular kids
Bradley Von Chillstein Student Popular kids
Jenny Jerkins Student Outcast

List of StaffEdit

Notable StudentsEdit



ANH emblem

The Students of the school follows a form of social order based on appearance and their abilities:



  • A. Nigma is, most likely, a reference to a word enigma which means mystery.
  • The school's emblem has The Red Tazelwurm.
  • A MCMXLV on the school emblem stands for 1945, which is most likely a date of school's establishment.
  • The A in A. Nigma is likely to be from the first letter of Alexander Nigma's name or his wife, Anastasia Nigma.
  • Almost all of the staff are clones of famous scientist/artist throughout history as seen in Common Denominator.