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There are no small parts, only small actors
-Brad quoting Ace (From School Hard)

Parents 1

Ace (far right) having quality time with his ex-classmates

Ace Von Chillstein is an action movie actor and Brad's father.


Ace seems to have an easygoing personality, coupled with a stereotypical "celebrity" attitude. According to Brad, Ace loves "cute and cuddly" animals[1] and "easy to love" plants[2].


Prior to the series[]

Ace, along with his wife, Vice Principal Victoria, and Dash Monerainian, used to go to the same class.[2]

Season Two[]

Ace is supervising his son's pool party as he has a small party of his own catching up with his classmates.[2]


Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  • Curse of Earl Nigma



  • Ace is Holger's favorite actor.[1]
  • Ace preforms his own stunts.[3]
  • He and Brad have breakfasts together.[3]
  • He can apparently strike matches on his stubble.[3]
  • Ace's latest movie apparently has an explosion every 20 seconds.


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