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Alexander Nigma with Art Wurst, Maxwell Finnwich Elizabeth Mann and a little bit of Lo Ping's Hair.


A portrait of Alexander Nigma being clean by the Cleaners

Alexander Nigma is the founder of A Nigma High and the first principal of the school.


Prior to the series startEdit

Alexander Nigma was born over a 150 years ago. A dedicated military veteran, he served during the Boer Wars, after which he retired (and took a larger dress size). Mr. Nigma would go onto build the school A Nigma High in Toronto, Canada, with the aid of his wife Anastasia Nigma, using his beloved and loyal pet The Red Tazelwurm as the school's mascot and employing his brother Earl Nigma as the school's janitor.

In his travels he discovered The Pyramid, an ancient artifact of immense power, and sought a way to open it. He recruited four of his students, Elizabeth Mann, R. Wurst, Maxwell Finnwich and Lo Ping to help him, 112 years prior to the series start they succeeded. But contrary to all expectations, they instead released a creature they would come to know as His Eminence and in trying to seal him away again Alexander instead entombed himself alive.

Season 4Edit

Detentionaire 52

All that remains of Alexander Nigma, may he rest in peace.

Alexander's remains weren't discovered until the Pyramid was opened again 112 years later, and where Lee Ping used his femur as a make shift blunt weapon in the fight between his student Maxwell's Steam-Mats and his group's modern incarnation, The Council's Reaper Mats.

It would appear that his final act was to write down the number 100, the page in The Book with the needed information on reawakening someone who fell under the pyramid's curse.

Tina Alexander

Tina shows a picture of Alexander Nigma


  • Alexander Nigma may be well known for his beard, as when his picture was shown on the announcements, Lee says that Alexander had "a serious beard".
  • According to his portrait he wore a monacle.
  • Alexander founded A Nigma High with the help of his wife Anastasia Nigma.
  • When Lee was having hallucinations, The Tazelwurm wore a moustache, beard and monacle like Alexander Nigma.