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Dad knows way more than he is letting on...or maybe he doesn't?
-Lee about his father (From The Tag Along)

Dr. Alfred Ping is Lee Ping's father. Dr Ping Unlike his wife Sue Ping, he is far less

harsh on his son.


Devins 045

Alfred Ping's notebook on his research on Mann, Wurst and Finnwich

Sue and Alfred Ping met in Korea where they had their first son, Li. Two pictures of them where taken at the time, one of which Lee finds in "28 Sneezes Later", assuming the infant on the picture was him.

After their firstborn was kidnapped, the Pings fled from the country, hiding and hoping for a peaceful life. They settled in Canada where they eventually had Lee, the second son, and hid the truth of their involvement with MWF from him.

When the Tazelwurm brought Lee down to the underground laboratory, it was revealed that Alfred was a scientist working there, thus revealing that he is a part of the conspiracy surrounding his son, Principal Wurst and The Prank.[1] When Lee asked him about his appearance at school, Mr. Ping told his son that he got there by tunnels stretching under the whole city. They were the remnants of an old subway complex, and he highlighted how dangerous they were and that they should be avoided[2].

In season three, after geting from his mysterious flight, Alfred was targeted by The Council, notably the Serpent, in "Fight or Flight", however with no real intention to harm him as this was mostly a warning to Lee.

In the mysterious photo that Lee found in "28 Sneezes Later", it is seen that Mr. Ping has the same arm tattoo as Lee.

It is revealed in "Serpent Strike" that Mr. Ping knows something about the conspiracy and is trying to infiltrate Mann, Wurst, and Finnwich from the inside.



  • Sue: I can't believe you fell asleep | Alfred: What did you expect? It was a production of "Sleeping Beauty"! - "Friday Night Bites"
  • "I always knew my son was special. Destined for greatness! But why did it come at such a horrible price?"
  • "Then I was working for them! Mann, Wurst and Finnwich. Trying to gain back all I had lost! I've spent my life, trying to find out, what really happened back there. So one day, I can make it right. But how? When the people who were supposed to be the good guys, are really the bad guys? Why didn't I see it?"
  • "Chocolate cake for breakfast, apple pie for lunch, make it a la mode and we, callll it brunch!"
  • "Ooh, kinda ended the show early, kiddo. Couldn't you have at least just faked it a little?" - "Finding Finnwich"
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Unamed Female Council Member (Unamed Female Council Member in Lees Dad Book)

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All Council Membermed Man and Cassandra


35 Mr

Lee and Lynch see him in the underground tunnels

47 Mr


  • Mr. Ping is a terrible liar.[2]
  • Mr. Ping claims that his wife "hates him [doing dangerous things]".[2]
  • Mr. Ping tends to fall asleep at unusual times and places [3]
  • Mr. Ping taught Lee basics of fencing [4]
  • Alfred Ping is extremely allergic to fish as revealed in "Serpent Strike", what heavily alluded to his connection with Li.
  • According to the creators, Alfred secretly loves pudding.
  • Whenever a younger Alfred is shown, be it pictures or flashbacks, he is shown to be not be overweight at all suggesting that he let himself go in recent years.
  • Alfred admited that he is a terrible cook so he lets his wife (Sue Ping) do all the cooking.
  • Given his balding appearance and the fact that he looks to be around thirty at time of Li's infancy this makes his current age to be around fifty.
  • In "Date With Destiny" Lo Ping is confirmed to be Lee's grandfather, meaning Lo is Alfred's father.


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