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Anastasia Nigma was the wife of Alexander Nigma and the co-founder of A Nigma High. Anastasia has not yet made an appearance in the show, and has only been mentioned in Disco History Times. In said episode, Brandy Silver portrays Anastasia in a heavily-dramatized version of the founding of the school. In the play, she is renamed Carmen Brisante, as per Brandy's insistence, which is not favoured by many of the school's staff.


Judging by the costume used by Brandy Silver to portray her, it is suggested that Anastasia was often seen in a black, sleeveless dress with a white undershirt and red and yellow-striped tie. She also appeared to wear a black bowler with a purple band around it.

However, as Brandy Silver had rewritten the play in order to introduce more drama into the usually-dull play, her attire should be taken lightly.

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