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Beth is one of the Mathletes.


Beth makes a few minor appearances in earlier episodes, but she took on a larger role before, during, and after Cam's presidency. After Cam was suspended from school following the blackmailing incident, Beth immediately filled the position as student body president, putting on a wizard motif and making herself more like her fantasy self than an actual president.  


Beth is an enthusiastic member of the Mathletes, even suggesting a mandatory afterschool math tutorial during her campaign pitch. She is generally unpopular due to her hostile and annoying attitude worsened by her tendency to spit when she speaks.  

When she was first made class president, Beth wasted no time on setting the school how she saw fit. She banished Chaz and Tina from the school news, took away Pizza Tuesday in order to make the school menu gluten-free, and made it forbidden to speak of Cam. Beth does not appear to be a capable leader, treating her role as class president as one of her Serpents & Castles games.

Beth appears to be an avid fan of tabletop roleplaying games, going as far as to have the 15th Graders forge weapons and battlegear for herself and Irwin. For this reason, Chopper has developed a crush on her, which she seems to reciprocate as of "Common Denominator".


  • Beth is seen with Chopper on what appears to be a date in Serpent Strike.
  • In Splitting Hairs, she is seen attempting to "visit the sick, like a good president" while being videoed, only for it to backfire when Brandy, Jenny, and Tina accuse her of starting the lice epidemic while chanting "lice wizard."
  • Beth's nickname for Chopper is "Blacksmith."
  • In the episode "Blitzkreg Bop'd", Beth can be seen without braces


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