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This page is about the relationship between Bradley Von Chillstein and Tina Kwee.

Episodes Showing a Conflict[]

The Hair Incident - Brad asked Tina on a date to the nearby mall in return for Tina saving him (Brad) from drowning and the two got along very well, when suddenly Lee and Brandy's attempt to break them both up fail which ends up in Brad's hair getting bleached in which he blames Tina to which Tina gets angry at Lee for ruining her date with the most popular guy in school and also believes that he (Lee) was responsible for the hair bleaching. 

The Dance Part 1 -  As part of Vp Victoria's brainwashing project plans, Brad and Tina are paired up together to go to the dance where Lynch asks  Brad who is he taking to the dance as Tina has a shine for him to which Brad replies that Tina is sweet and all but he (Brad) is after all the son of the most famous actor Ace Von Chillstein and he needs someone better for the public to see. Tina however gets angry at Brad asking him if that is what he really felt about her.

The Dance Part 2 - Tina said to Brad that one thing for sure that they are not going to the Dance together because he (Brad) is too good for her and also because he keeps on taking life as a movie. Brad got angry at Tina because she ditched him for Lee.

Episodes Showing a Friendship[]

If the Shoe Fits - Lee takes Tina to Brad's pool party and tells Brad that the hair incident was all Lee's fault and asks for a truce; in response, Brad takes Tina in and shows her his garden.

School Hard - During the berserk cleaner incident, both Brad and Tina worked hard in saving  some of the student body to which he kissed Tina making Lee jealous and hurt.

A. Nigma Prison Blues - Brad wanted to have another Hollywood kiss with Tina to which he called his father and asked him about the perfect circumstances for a kiss to which his father replied lip balm, peppermint, debonair swagger and a rainy scene scenario. So when the sprinklers went haywire in the Gym , Brad kissed Tina!

The Theme Team - Brad and Tina proposed the Save the Rainforest theme for the Dance. Little did they know that the theme was picked as part of VP Victoria's brainwashing project. 


  • Brad gave Tina her first kiss.