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44 Tina fighting with Brandy over the script

Brandy and Tina fight over the script for the play.

Brandy:I have about forty reasons why they'd forget you but how could they forget me!?
Tina:That's it! We're so on!

—Brandy And Tina prepare a battle (From Episode 10)

This article features the relationship betweenTina Kwee And Brandy Silver.


Throughout the series, Brandy and Tina are shown to be rivals, fighting for Lee's attention; which he usually gives to Tina. This rivalry is usually present throughout the first and second seasons. Afterwards, they have less interaction with each other, but they still seem to be on unfriendly terms.

Episodes Featured[]

Disco History Times[]

Throughout the episode, Brandy and Tina fight over the script, with Tina in favor of keeping it historically accurate, while Brandy wishing to make it more exciting.

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