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Cam And Holger doing research on The Outcasts.

This article is about the relationship between Camillio Martinez And Holger Holgaart.


Camillio and Holger are very close friends, and both see themselves as Lee's loyal sidekicks. Both get along quite well, but sometimes Cam gets annoyed at Holgar's eccentricity. They both sometimes compete for Lee's respect and who is the better friend.

Episodes Featured[]

The Hair Incident[]

After Holger steals the surveillance tapes from Emo Joe's store (per Lee's instructions) and watches them, he witnesses Camillio buying a bag identical to Lee's and immediately believes Cam set Lee up.

Chaz's Corner[]

Following the events of the previous episode, Holger becomes frightened of Cam and is hesitant about telling Lee. When he hears Cam use an app to distort his voice, he believes Cam is secretly a robot, and resorts to using a magnet to scramble his circuits.


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