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Loco chiquita..
-Camillio (From Skate or Die)

Camillio "Cam" Esmereldo Martinez, is the former school president at A. Nigma High and a close friend of Lee Ping and Holger Holgaart. Just like his friends, he does not align with any clique.

In the season one finale, The Hair Incident and Chaz's Corner it was revealed that he has something to do with the conspiracy involving Lee, although in The Cam-didate, it is revealed that this was a result of him being hypnotised to help with the prank.


Prior to Series start[]


Hitting on Brandy

Camillio first moved to Toronto from Cuba when he was 9 years old. Although he didn't speak English, he was still able to flirt and made the mistake of doing so with a girl Steve had been sweet on, Brandy. Lee was able to calm the raging bully down, which resulted in Lee and Cam forming a close friendship.

Even in spite of Lee's best efforts, Camillio had been bullied into tormenting a classmate named Grayson, including such memorial events as spilling hot soup in his lap and force-feeding him a bug sandwich.

When Lee turned 10, Camillio was invited to his birthday party alongside the future Outcasts of A. Nigma High where the entertainer The Amazing Finnwich hypnotized him into thinking he was a monkey and ballerina.

Furthermore ever since that event Camillio whenever someone would say the word "butterscotch", Camillio would spontaneously act like a monkey, and return to normal upon saying "queen of hearts.”. Despite Lee's best efforts, Camillio would not realize this for approximately 6 years.

Season 1[]


Befriending Lee

Camillio was present at the Prank like most of the people in the school. Unlike most of the people in the school, however, Camillio was brainwashed into switching Lee's bag with one full of incriminating evidence. The hypnotism left Camillio with the impression that the bag fell over and he simply put it back on a chair. Camillio was later seen in the rafters acting like a monkey and dumping Potato flakes on the crowd, solving the mystery.

He is a dedicated friend of Lee and Holger and tries to help them when he can, but just as soon tries to use Lee's popularity to try and get a girlfriend and be part of the in-crowd, more often than not having to be convinced by Lee that helping him will aid in his on-going quest to get a girlfriend or be popular.

He was able to track an email from Radcircles to the Skaters and forwarded the information to Lee, which gave him a critical clue in clearing his name. He's finally completed his personal quest in the form of Brandy Silver who as a result of winning a staged fight against Lee has started to go out with him though still is in a faux relationship with Lee.

He continues to help Lee with his missions, joining the Down with Lee Club as a double agent in order to feed information about them and their secret partner, Radcircles, to Lee. Camillio has also proven himself knowledgeable in pranking materials such as stink bombs and banana cream pies being an effective combination.


Cam buying a copy of Lee's backpack.

Camillio's retrieval and subsequent destruction of the Prank footage served to increase him to popular status and he is regarded as a hero by much of the school for disposing of the embarrassing footage. However it also contains footage of Camillio switching the bag which in turn increased Lee's suspicions of Camillio being Radcircles even saying to Radcircles "I know who switched my bag. I know it's you CAM!" after which Radcircles logged out, chuckling.

Season 2[]

After destroying the prank footage, Camillio has been celebrated as a hero and has become incredibly popular, and is enjoying the popularity to the fullest extent, however his friendship with Lee Ping has also become strained due to Lee believing that Camillio has had something to do with the prank. He then confronted Camillio and learned the truth about the bag incident during the prank.

This led to Camillio being a top suspect in the investigation, and in turn, he ended his friendship with Lee by reporting to Barrage that Lee was in the girl's washroom. Later Lee learns that Cam had been in the rafters during the prank and steals one of his shoes to confirm it and unfortunately succeeds in doing so.

Later, Lee figured out that Camillio had been hypnotized during the prank while he was under the influence of the "Butterscotch" trigger phrase which explains his footprint in the rafters so Camillio could throw a sack of potatoes flakes during the prank. Camillio is now determined to find the person who hypnotized him and with his new position as student body president, he will most definitely be able to help.

Camillio also had used his class presidency wrongly, as he once voted for School Uniforms, by accident. Causing the entire school to hate him and a huge drop to his popularity. Luckily he was able to exploit a loophole in the student charter of rights to use Vice-Principal Victoria to fix his mistake and restore his popularity.

During the The Dance Camillio alongside Biffy, Brandy, Greta, and Holge,r tried to foil the plans of Victoria to use The Prank Song to take over the world at the Dance. Camillio was the final student to be hypnotized and placed under Victoria's control, but luckily, he, along with everyone else, were freed when Lee destroyed all the phone.

Season 3[]

When Camillio bought a book report from Grayson he ended up trapped in a blackmailing scheme. While being blackmailed Camillio was forced to perform a variety of humiliating tasks, less he face expulsion, such as: getting the school to refer to him as Fartinez, sing that he was in love with Cyrus, recording a video of Cyrus eating bugs, pour hot soup into his lap and finally resign as school president.

Along the way he met several other blackmail victims, together they determined that the only thing they had in common is that they were all in the same third-grade class, as well as eliminating their fellow classmates not being blackmailed.

Season 4[]

Camillio is the only member of the blackmail group not to resign from his position, instead, he concludes that his fellow Blackmail victim Grayson is responsible: according to Chaz, who aired the humiliating footage of Camillio for the blackmailer, he heard loud squeaking when he picked up the footage, Camillio later made the connection between said squeaking and Grayson's wheelchair.

After a brief confrontation with Grayson with assistance from Lee and Brandy, Cam was called to the principal's office by Principal Wurst. Believing that Grayson had exposed him, Cam admitted to Wurst that he had cheated which led to his suspension and being relieved of the presidency.

During his suspension, Cam was visited by Grayson who appeared remorseful for his role in Cam's predicament. Cam then learned that Grayson had blackmailed everyone as revenge for being bullied in the 3rd grade.

Then he learned that he, Lee, Biffy and Holger are being looked for by Kimmie's mom Cassandra to be shipped off to Coral Grove and he thought Brandy would be in danger so he unsuccessfully tried to give a warning call to her but then when he and his friends get to the underground tunnels that lead to Coral Grove so he left Lee, Holger and Biffy to go to Coral Grove while he Cam makes a distraction and he also breaks his phone in the process. Then he soon met up with Brandy and told her that he was being looked for so Brandy covered him by kissing him which left Camillio shocked!  as that was the first-ever kiss he got from a girl. He and Brandy went through the vents just like Lee Ping did as he sneaked out of detention half a second later (the conversation between the two had happened prior to sneaking into the said vents). However, they got caught and Principal Wurst was looking for the secret locker where Finnwich's cipher is and found Cam and started to empty out Cam's pockets and then found the 2nd key to the Pyramid and then sent Cam and Brandy down along with the other student body to rebuild the Pyramid now that they have the Cipher. He was then later sent along with Brandy to rebuild the ancient Pyramid along with the rest of the student body where he and Brandy managed to pull off a distraction and escaped but found a crystalized Barrage who demands that they de-crystallize him and together with Barrage they sneaked underground and caused mayhem by crystalizing the robot janitor cleaners and the Principal Wurst clones and after the battle was over, Cam and Brandy kissed.


Camillio likes to think of himself as a street smart self-styled gangster when in reality he is more often than not oblivious to those around him and what they think of him. Although he tries to help his friends when he can he'd far sooner try to use Lee's popularity for his own gain and is mostly unsuccessful. Cam is still a loveable and confident guy who wouldn't turn down a chance of either flirting with girls or partying. He appears carefree and lively even in serious situations which makes him seem like a lazy jokester who avoids responsibility at all costs. Hedonistic nature hampers Cam's image of a responsible and decent school president since he usually uses this image to gain popularity or something he wants easily. However, that doesn't mean that Cam can't be a worthy leader of 'his' people as he often fearlessly stands up for the whole school against Barrage's dictatorship. When pushed to the edge, Cam proves to be a dedicated and persistent problem-solver, as proven in "Fence-O-Palooza".

Cam is genuinely caring for the ones he holds close and is quite attentive. Despite his general goofiness he is observant and supportive towards his friends, as seen with his relationship with Brandy or helping Lee out. His fierce loyalty is the thing that makes Lee consider him his truest friend.

He is gullible enough to fall for Chaz's crazed idea about the Space Zombie Flu, but at the same time is close-minded enough not to believe about the conspiracy, but is still aware of Lee's innocence.


Camillio does not seem to have many notable abilities to speak of: he is not fast due to his slow legs and gets from average to bad grades in school. He has been hypnotized in childhood, implying that he is very suggestible. Despite his lack of success with other school subjects, he has been shown to be exceptionally good at history.

After destroying the prank footage he has been celebrated as a hero and now as some control and influence over the popular cliques at A. Nigma High. Cam has also shown to be rather agile when he wants to be (especially while in monkey mode) able to do feats of acrobatics with no apparent difficulty. This helped to save Lee's (and his own) life. Cam has also been good at providing distractions, allowing Lee and others to evade notice.


  • "Yeah you know what? I do rock! (to Brandy) Hear that? Ping thinks I rock!"
  • "That was like, my first, you know... thing, like ever."
  • "Ugh, so many pages and words, it's like I get it man, you're a book!" - "Return Of The Ping"
  • "Free tickets? Sure, I'll turn on you." - "The Down With Lee Club"


  • Cam is exceptionally good at history despite getting bad grades in other subjects.
  • Camillio rarely takes his shoes off because of the intensive odor of his feet. ("If the Shoe Fits")
    • Thanks to Holger, Lee, and Biffy used this secret to gain votes on election day.
    • It was revealed that Cam has seen a large number of doctors to try and cure him of his foot odor but they all failed to do so.
  • Due to Holger suggesting the idea, Cam is the person to reveal that Lee Ping has a crush on Tina Kwee to the entire student body during election day.
  • Cam stated that he was picked up over his accent in 4-5th grades ("Revenge of the Cycle Killers").
  • Cam stated that he doesn't really like reading. (Double Date)

Once he does read a book, he believes in everything stated in said in it, even if its content is pure fiction. (28 Sneezes Later).


Cam's a hustling, rapping combo of energetic fun and mucho bravado, and has been Lee Ping's best friend since they were ten years old. Cam's goal in life is to become "Big Hombre on Campus," and he's like a kid in a candy shop around all the "Chiquita-leaders" (Cam-speak for "cheerleaders"). Thanks to Lee's infamy as the prankster king, Cam can now take his quest to rule the school "to the ceiling maximus, yo!" And along the way, his social skills come in plenty handy for infiltrating school cliques for Lee's intense investigation. profile