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Chopper is the leader of the 15th Graders. Of all the students of A Nigma High, he commands the highest level of fear. He accomplishes this through an unrepentant talent for mayhem. He and the others held complete rule of the school through fear, until Lee Ping confronted him and the other 15th Graders and (with the help of Tina) got the students of the school to stand up for themselves.

Chopper and the other two 15th Graders are excellent in their shop class, the only class they are seen attending. Beth from the Mathletes recognizes these skills and often goes to them to make weapons for her Castles & Serpents LARP group. Chopper has developed a crush on Beth as a result, stating that "she's the only girl that isn't afraid of me".

As of "Common Denominator", it appears that Chopper and Beth are dating.