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Biffy:You're so dead if you don't make it back before detention's over.
Lee:I'm also dead if these cleaner freaks catch me so tell me something I don't know!

—Lee speaks to Biffy while the hazmats chase him (From Blitkrieg Bop'd)

The Cleaners (also known as the White Hazmats, Cleaner Freaks, Crazy Cleaner Peoples, and simply Hazmats) are the new janitorial staff of A Nigma High following the inauguration of Principal General Barrage. The Cleaners are revealed to be robots in School Hard and can be considered to be tertiary antagonists in the series. Their human counterparts are the Green Hazmats.

Throughout most of Seasons 1 and 2 they work for Barrage, but later in season 2 a chip implanted in the Cleaners, which causes them to fall under the control of Victoria and Lynch Webber.


Despite being robots, they do seem to have some intelligence and enjoy working for Barrage. White Cleaners seem to enjoy goofing off while they should be doing their work, and they are capable of joy in doing their job. They seem to have a certain theatrical side, especially with fireworks and explosions. One has even shown to have felt disappointment when Barrage chose 3 other Cleaners to help him, yet brushed him off.


The Cleaners, as implied by their name, are the new janitorial staff at A. Nigma High. More importantly, they act like the secret police for Barrage, obeying his orders dutifully and without mercy, to the point where Barrage has a remote to call the Cleaners to his position on a moment's notice.

Early in the series they are constantly dressed in their gear and speak an indistinguishable language, both of which strongly implies they are not even human. (Though some believed that their suits were simply a uniform which made it difficult to  understand them) In the episode Double Date it is revealed that at least some Green Cleaners are humans; however, in School Hard, all of Barrage's white cleaners are shown to be robots. They seem to be an extension of Mann, Wurst and Finnwich.


Cleaners holding electric collars. (The Tag Along)

Their responsibilities seem to extend beyond simple cleaning, during football try-outs Barrage had them removing those that failed from the field with an oversized super vacuum. They have been seen being able to reattach a side mirror to a car. Three of them were used to set up special effects for the school play, with a fourth one looking rather sad that it did not get called.

They also seem to have contracts outside the school as made evident by their presence at Brandy's apartment building, though they simply may have been chasing after The Red Tazelwurm which was loose in the building at the time. They also work in the laboratory under the school, the centre of the Prank conspiracy, as such it can be assumed that they are involved in The Prank conspiracy to some degree.

On a few occasions, they have used exaggerated equipment in the use of their duties, such as oversize super vacuums, super-soakers loaded with disinfectant and as of the second season crystallizing ray guns. They have also been shown using normal cleaning equipment such as feather dusters and glass cleaner.


Gary, one of the Human Cleaners

On one occasion they have used electric collars. The collars presumably would have been used on the Red Tazelwurm but the cleaners seemed perfectly intent on using them on Lee Ping, Tina Kwee and Lynch Webber. Schematics of these cleaners were found underneath the school on Dr. Alfred Ping's (Lee's father's) desk, suggesting that he created them, or at least that he created their suits ("The Tag Along").



  • The Cleaners seem to emit electromagnetic pulses. This is shown throughout the series, primarily to disrupt the communication between Lee and Biffy.
  • For unknown reasons, during the fifth episode, a group of Cleaners helped a security guard at Brandy's building chase down Holger. The reason why is unclear, but it could be that they were there watching Brandy's mom, who is revealed to have connections to the Council.
  • In the unaired pilot, the Cleaners had on Yellow suits with Blue stripes, and their uniforms looked more suited for bio-hazardous disposal.
  • It is a recurring gag that Lee asks Camillio to distract the Cleaners by having them chase him for extremely long distances.