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In the Detentionaire universe many people have been revealed to be clones as part of a project conducted by Mann, Wurst and Finnwich. Almost all the staff at A Nigma High are clones of other people. They include some charismatic and famous people though out history like Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol, and Mark Twain. Also, Principal Wurst is revealed not to be the original, but three of many Wurst Clones that roam around working for MWF and presumably Coral Grove.

The Teachers

The teachers

The Pods[]

While at home or in the school staff room, the Clones are shown to be put to sleep and sent to a room filled with pods, that feed them a type of nutritious supplement called "Clonefil." After Biffy accidentally destroys part of the feeding mechanism, the clones begin to act like teenagers. If one attempts to remove a clone from their pod, the clone will turn to dust.


The Clones Pods

List of Clones[]


  • Mr. Langhorne is number 612 in the Mark Twain series of clones.
  • Mrs. Ping is the only clone not affiliated with a famous person.