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Detentionaire: Hall Pass was a tie-in game developed by Watch More TV Interactive Inc. and released for iOS and Android devices in 2012. The game is a tower defense style strategy game where you have to protect Lee, Biffy, Holger, and Camillio from waves of enemies. If all four characters are carried off the map by enemies, it's game over.

The player has a variety of pranks, gadgets, and gears at their disposal, each with different costs and firing rates. Upgrading weapons is also an option. This game also breaks the fourth wall via cutscenes in which Biffy talks to the player directly, so it can be implied that this game is non-canon.

The android version of this game is only available through the Amazon App Store. Additionally, it does not work on modern devices and you'll need to use an older system or an emulator to play it.


These are the characters that make an appearance in Detentionaire: Hall Pass

  • Lee Ping
  • Biffy Goldstein
  • Camillio Martinez
  • Holger Holgaart
  • Greta Von Hoffman
  • Irwin Dexter
  • Cyrus Xavier
  • Steve
  • Zed
  • Stinky
  • Wendell Barrage
  • Lynch Webber
  • Victoria