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Lee and Biffy are the most frequent detentionaires at A.Nigma High

Detentionaire is a title given to students who are sent to detention. The term is mostly used to refer to long term participants like Lee and Biffy .[1]



Detention is a form of punishment where a group of students has to stay at school after normal class hours have finished. The students are guarded by a teacher who is assigned by the school.

At A Nigma High detention stretches from 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM[2]. It can also include spare periods and lunch breaks.

School Policy[]

At A Nigma high any student can be sent to detention by the school's head office or an individual staff member. The length of their punishment is chosen by the the teacher or faculty who gives the student detention and reflects the severity of the student's actions[3]. The student's punishment will end if the detentionaire can prove their innocence[4].

For long term detentionaires there is a school by-law providing one day of amnesty, although the rule can be bypassed[1].

Status quo[]

Detentionaires are treated similarly to criminals inside A Nigma High, often socially rejected and considered possible threats. In some exceptional cases (ie. The Prank) the detentionaire is instead made popular by their exploits and their social status increases as a result of being a detentionaire[3].





  • The detention is guarded by Niles Peg - the teacher who's always asleep and thus has been affectionately named Sleeping Ugly.[3]
  • The detention room is a former classroom located in school's basement.[3]
    • The Detention room has since received a number of upgrades including a Air-gun to induce silence, later upgraded with a "smooch detector" as well, harmlessly electrified floors, a laser grid guarding the vents, a password protected door, and a cellular jamming device leading it to be re-dubbed Fort Nigma.


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