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Dudes of Darkness CD cover. Goob (far left) Rud (top center) Cyrus (bottom center) and Skeeter (far right)

The Dudes of Darkness (also known as the DoD) are a garage band based out of A Nigma High and are led by a student named Cyrus, who also serves as their lead singer.

They apparently have earned a great deal of respect from the other students of A Nigma High. Based on their name, they're a parody of famous rockstars and rock groups, like KISS, Ozzy Osborne and Slash.

It was believed that they were the ones who composed the music used during the prank which has a hypnotic effect on most of the school populace. However, they only gave the song to Lynch and, in reality, recorded it during the actual prank and did not compose it (leaving the composer unknown).


Former Members[]




The original appearance of the band.

  • Biffy Goldstein is the band's biggest fan.
  • It is interesting to note that in Blitzkrieg Bop'd, the band had a short appearance. During this time, all the members of the band, with the exception of Cyrus, all had different appearances.
  • Dudes of Darkness preformed a cover (and even made a music video) of the show's opening theme. [2]

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