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Elizabeth Mann

A Young Elizabeth Mann using the Eclipse Beam to open the Antiquis Triangulum

Elizabeth Mann was a former student of A Nigma High and a co-founder of Mann, Wurst and Finnwich . She has blonde hair and has a similar facial appearance to Cassandra McAdams , her granddaughter. 

Prior to the Series[]

When Elizabeth Mann, Art Wurst, Maxwell Finnwich and Lo Ping attended A Nigma High, they joined forces with their Principal, Alexander Nigma, to open the Antiquis Triangulum under the school. The four children transported the eclipse beam to the Pyramid by reflecting the light to each other. When it opened, Alexander Nigma stepped into the Pyramid and used the cipher to see what was in it.

Two sarcophagi elevated from the ground and into the Pyramid. They both opened, one creature in the sarcophagus disintegrated, but the other was alive. It escaped the Pyramid leaving Alexander Nigma trapped inside it. The creature, Carl Brocher, then explained to the young children that he was a friend and needed their help. Carl Brocher offered out his hand, and then Mann, Wurst, Finnwich and Ping touched his hand and received a mark on their arms.

Elizabeth was later one of the co-founders of  Mann, Wurst and Finnwich, and apparently the last to remain CEO after Ping and Finnwich left and Wurst presumably died of his incurable illness. Elizabeth herself died at the age of 80 and was succeeded by her granddaughter Cassandra.