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The Emos are the embodiment of the moody teenager stereotype, with a hint of goth. They have no joy and appear to anger easily, though still remaining calm. They noticeably wear makeup derogatorily referred to as "guyliner", dye their hair dark black, and wear generally dark coloured clothing.


The Emos, saying that they'll sue Lee Ping.

They are first seen when Lee and Cam first get to school as background characters, and show up when Lee says that he "doesn't want to wear guyliner". Later, after The Prank, the Emos come up to Lee and say that they're parents are going to sue him because of what happened to their clothes.

They are later seen, once again as background characters, at the most popular party of the year, where they, along with everyone else, are hypnotized by The Prank Song that Cyrus gave to the DJ of the party, Lynch.


Current Members[]