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Barrage and his robot

The Eyebot is a minor antagonist. It is a round, floating robot with a screen that displays an eyeball. It was invented by Alfred Ping, based upon a drawing Lee Ping made as a child of a character he called "Earl the Eyeball." It made its first, albeit minor, appearance in 28 Sneezes Later, where it was being tested by several scientists.

The Eyebot made its first significant appearance in If the Shoe Fits, where Barrage begins to use these types of robots as enforcers. He plants one outside the detention room with the hope of keeping Lee from exiting it.

Following the Berserk Cleaners incident, Barrage had the robot mass-produced and replaced the Cleaners with them as his enforcers. The drones are shown to be armed with laser beams which they seem to use as negative reinforcement to get students to cooperate with Barrage's high standards.


  • The Eyebot bears a striking resemblance to eyebots from the Fallout series.


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