Fateous Mann is the 2nd Council Member to be revealed in the show, as he first appeared in All That Taz.

He seems to be the hardware specialist withing The Council, having tried to recreate the second Key to open the Pyramind, but it failed.

History Edit

At the end of Date With Destiny The episode ends with this cliffhanger, indicating that the conspiracy may continue.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Trivia Edit

  • Fateous is implied to be Cassandra's brother (or half-brother according to the creators) in "All That Taz"
  • Fateous is the last seen character of the show at the epilogue of "Date With Destiny".
  • He doesn't get along with Kerrigan as seen in "All That Taz" or "The Hydra" where they numerously doubted the success in each other's plans. 


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