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Froggy but not chair

A frog

Frogs are amphibious creatures that are common throughout the world. They are one of the main ingredients in Green Apple Splat, as well as the mascot of the company.


Frogs are seen as early as Blitzkrieg Bop'd, where we see them during The Prank. The frogs had accidentally been released into the chaos when The Environmentalists attempted to free them the first time.

In "Welcome To Factory Island", the frogs were planned to be dissected in science class, but the Environmentalists freed them and they infested the school. This episode also shows us that frogs are one of the main ingredients in Green Apple Splat. They are seen swimming around in the vats, and Sal comments that they "rarely ever explode".


  • Chaz appears to be afraid of them.
  • Lee and Holger are vocally against the practice of frog dissection, Lee stating that it's "kind of mean". Camillio, however, was excited at the chance to cut a frog open.
  • A frog can be seen in Cam's 3rd grade class photo, being held by Suzie. This suggests that she's believed in "freeing the frogs" for a long time.