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From Left to Right:
McKenzie, Brandy, Druscilla, and Kimmie

The Glamazons are the pretty, popular, elite females of A Nigma High. They act like stereotypical pretty and popular teenage girls. They enjoy making life miserable for those they consider beneath them[1], spend a great deal of time nitpicking minor details, and having shopping sprees at the nearby mall[2].

The Glamazons entered the annual battle of the bands competition as a pop group called "Kimmie and the G's", named after their leader Kimmie McAdams.


Current Members[]

Former Members[]




  • The name Glamazons is a portmanteau of "glamour" and "Amazons," the former of which refers to style (representing the stylish fronts of the members) and the latter of which refers to a group of all-female warriors from Greek mythology (representing the social power the Glamazons wield).
  • All four known members (Brandy included) of the Glamazons have short hair and wear hair extensions[2].


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