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Greta Von Hoffman is member of the Mathlete clique. She was the romantic interest for Holger until the two broke up.


Like other students Greta was present at the Prank, during which she was attacked by the Red Tazelwurm let loose.

Greta seemed to get interested in Holger Holgaart after the events of "Math Math Revolution". Holger returned her feelings, and the two dated for several episodes to come. Their realtionship grew even stronger in "Double Date", when Greta bravely saved Holger from the Hazmats.

However, due to Holger being brainwashed to date Kimmie McAdams, Greta grew colder of him and even briefly dated Ed to make Holger jealous. The two reconciled again in "The Dance Part 2".

In season 3 Brad Von Chillstein made a move for Greta to mess with Holger, him being Lee's friend ("The Curse of Earl Nigma"). Greta also was tutoring Steve, who "pretended to be stupid" as he grew fonder of his "study buddy" and later admitted to have feelings for her ("Corndog Day Afternoon"). Greta left both Holger and Steve, becoming annoyed of their fight over her.

In season 4 however it was implied that Greta reconciled with Steve after all ("Date With Destiny").


Smart and quirky, Greta seems to be the most socially adept of the Mathletes. Like every member of her clique she proves to be exceptionally intelligent in math and is a good problem-solver on her own. Greta's helpful and down-to-earth nature make her even more appealing, even if she doesn't fit for the convenient standarts of beauty. Greta is honest and attentive and views each subject from various sides to find the best solution to any situation. Despite usually being pragmatic, Greta does have her quirky, more light-hearted side: she can be random and eccentric but those traits are only seen by her closest friends. She seems to give in to fun more thanks to Holger's influence, whose quirkiness matches her. Greta is also tough as shown when she takes down the guards and saves Holger in "Double Date," showing her insane combat skills.


  • Greta's most notable attribute is her unibrow, which she has demonstrated the ability to wiggle when she's happy or excited.
  • Her affectionate nickname that Holger gave her was "Honey Roasted".
  • Greta was in center of two love triangles: Holger vs Ed and Holger vs Steve.
  • Greta appears with normal eyebrows in the first two episodes