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Jenny mom

Jenny's aunt (left), alongside Dr. Lob and Dr. Pummel.

Jenny Jerkins' unnamed aunt was a former teacher at A. Nigma High, and a member of the Coral Grove cult. She never directly appeared in the show herself, only appearing in a photograph alongside Dr. Lob and Dr. Pummel.

Physical Appearance[]

Like her niece, Jenny's aunt has nearly-orange hair which she keeps tied back in a ponytail. Unlike her niece, however, Jenny's aunt seems to have flawed eyesight, as she is seen wearing large dark blue glasses around her eyes. In the sole photograph she appears in, Jenny's aunt wears a long white lab coat. Underneath, she wears what appears to be a pink dress shirt and purple tie.

Jenny revealed in Revenge of the Cycle Killers that her aunt and mother are twins.


Prior to the series[]

Little is known about Jenny's aunt. At some point prior to the beginning of the series, she ceased all contact with her twin sister, as Jenny refers to her as her "long lost aunt".

Season 4[]

Jenny's aunt was first seen in a photograph obtained by Tina Kwee while investigating the secrets of the Manifester Arcainiumus. Jenny initially recognized her as her mother, though would later discover and reveal her true identity.