The key
The Key is a golden, octagonal shaped key which opens most of the doors in the underground laboratories of A Nigma High and some doors of the Green Apple Splat factory. The Key is one of two Keys that are needed to access a mysterious pyramid underneath the school that is guarded by blueTazelwurms and which The Council are trying to access. As of Bed Bugged, The Council has both after they stole Lee's. As of Follow that Finnwich, Lee has both Keys. In Game of Clones, Lee gives one of the keys to his friend Holger to which Holger gives the key to Camillio Martinez in which one of the Principal Wurst clones hunt down Cam and take the key away from him.


  • It is widely believed that the Red Tazelwurm is responsible for putting the key into Lee's bag.
    • This is later confirmed when it's revealed that the Tazelwurm stole the key from the The Council.
  • A common error with the Key is that it always seems to change sizes at random. Normally, the Key is shown to be able to fit into Lee's palm, but once placed inside one of it's special keyholes, it takes Lee two hands to turn the larger key.
  • The entrances to which the key can open is the door behind A. Nigma High's back of library entrance, where the keyhole is located behind one of the books entitled "The History of Alexander Nigma" where it reveals  an octagonal shaped keyhole and once the key unlocks it, the walls on the back of the library open revealing the secret entrance to the underground tunnels leading to A.Nigma High's research labs. 
  • The key can only open the mystical Pyramid underneath A.Nigma High provided if
  • There is a solar eclipse and if the key has its twin key in order to access the Pyramid.


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