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LaGreenor Jonesones is the "Unknown Nobody", and, according to Brandy, a total "Buddha-Zen" and a supporter of inner-peace. He is a member of the Student Council, and was seen speaking for the first time in Pyramid Scheme.


LaGreenor wears a bucket hat all the time, and his full face has not been revealed (from above the nose; it's unknown what sort of hair he has). He also wears a blue sports jersey with an 8 on it, which is obviously to big for him.


Prior to series[]

Cam's grade 3 class

LaGreenor Jonesones in-between Irwin Dexter and Nasasha.

LaGreenor was in Mrs Rosenbluim's grade three class along with SteveCamillioDickey, GraysonCyrusSuzieBrad, IrwinTrevor, Nasasha  and another un-named student who has been seen numerous times.

Season 1[]

LaGreenor has a very, very minor role in the first season of the show, as he is only seen during the aftermath of The Prank.

Season 2[]

Like in Season 1, LaGreenor is mostly given cameo roles in the season.

In School Hard, due to being on the Student Council, LaGreenor was locked inside the school alongside Lee Ping, Bradley Von Chillstein, Holger Holgaart, Tina Kwee, Biffy Goldstein, Camillio Martinez, "Tech Nerd", Nadene, Stepak and Stinky. LaGreenor does not play much of a role in the episode, due to being one of the first people frozen by the Cleaners.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]



•LaGreenor Jonesones is a spiritual person who seems to know a lot about the mysteries of A.Nigma high alongside Biffy and Harry Osborn.