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Bro-o, Lee used to be a Mathlete and Irwin and him used to be the bestest friends back in the day (...) One day snug as Mexican bugs. The next, dastardly enemies!
-Cam to Holger about Lee's and Erwin's past (From Math Math Revolution)}}


Lee and Irwin were best friends when Lee was a member of the Mathletes. For reasons unknown, their friendship ended and the two have become enemies.

Showing Friendship[]

Showing Conflict[]

  • In Math Math Revolution Irwin attempts to ruin Lee's reputation by photo shopping a picture of Lee picking his nose, the original photo was actually Irwin picking his nose.
  • Irwin takes Holger hostage when he thinks Lee is trying to steal the answer to a math problem, Lee and Irwin engage in a hybrid math/dance off game to decide Holger's fate. Lee is on the verge of winning when Irwin cheats to secure the victory, but Lee manages to save Holger in the end.
  • Irwin refuses to help Lee figure out the code to Radcircles phone unless he does something in return.
  • It was also revealed that he is part of the Down with Lee Club along with a few select students who dislike him.