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Lee and Jenny in detention working together to solve the book.

This article features the relationship between Lee Ping and Jenny Jergens.


Although Lee and Jenny had very little interaction up until Season 3, it can be assumed that they had been friends in elementary school, as Jenny (and the other outcasts) had been shown to attend Lee's tenth birthday party alongside Camillio Martinez.

Throughout the third season of the show, Jenny develops a crush on Lee while being jealous of his relationship with Tina, creating a love triangle between the three. Unlike Tina-who is especially flirtatious with Lee-Jenny is able to keep her crush on him hidden. Despite this, however, the crush is one sided because Lee still has a crush on Tina.

Jenny apologised to Lee for accidently messing up his relationship with Tina.

Jenny's crush on Lee sprouted when Lee agreed to help them get a whisker despite the fact that Jenny steals his key. Jenny isn't used to people accepting her and caring for the feelings of her or her friends, that is why she is so shocked when Cam wants to sit with them. Lee's choice touches her heart and that is how the crush began.

Episodes Showing a Conflict[]

  • The Outcasts Strike Back! - Jenny steals Lee's Key to get through the tunnels. And he temporarily rants at her and her friends for stealing it instead of just asking.

Episodes Showing a Friendship[]

  • Outcast Times at A. Nigma High - Lee helps the Outcasts retrieve a Tazelwurm hair. When Lee tackles Jenny to save her from the approaching Tazelwurm, They smile at each other briefly before turning back to look at the brainwashing room.
  • The Outcasts Strike Back! When Lee agrees to help the trio get another Tazelwurm hair, Jenny puts her finger in her nose while smiling and Lee smiles back at her. By the end of the episode, Lee and Jenny both have detention and they are both on-board with spending time together there.
  • Bed Bugged Lee seems happy to see Jenny call him in the morning. Together, Lee and Jenny look at the book and find out more about it. Lee and Jenny enjoy a moment after the former teases Biffy Goldstein about his "Kimmie intel."
  • Corndog Day Afternoon - Jenny accompanies Lee and Tina to their meeting with Lynch.
  • Pyramid Scheme Jenny cleverly calls Lee out of his class to come to the detention room and check out something interesting she noticed about Niles Peg.
  • The Hydra Jenny fights with Biffy for Lee's attention although the latter ultimately wins. Lee ditches Biffy, Cam and Holger so he can help her as she gets caught by the council members. While Lee, Tina and Jenny are spying on the council members, Lee places his hand on Jenny's shoulder.
  • Follow that Finnwich - Lee and Jenny go to track down Finnwich. Lee also admits in the recap at the start of the episode that he likes Jenny and thinks she's cool. (Outside of the nose-picking.)
  • Enter the Serpent Tina and Jenny, (who are seemingly at Tina's house) call Lee to report their findings.
  • Big Chicken Lee admits that he is happy to see Jenny and Tina as friends and that they are both cool in his book. (Although his bigger crush is on Tina.)
  • Serpent Strike Lee shows concern for Jenny and is infuriated that his enemy is dating his side-girl. He also devises a plan to involve Tina rescuing Jenny while he rescues Holger. Throughout the episode, he shows major concern for her and nearly loses his temper against the large security guard.
  • Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil Although Jenny is only in this episode briefly, when she enters the streetcar, Lee signals for her to come sit beside him, causing her to smile and showing that they are generally on good terms. Lee is happy she's okay and so he doesn't get mad at her for losing the book foolishly.
  • Band Of Heroes Lee shows major concern after learning that Tina and Jenny have been taken to Coral Grove.
  • From Bad To Wurst Lee and friends abort their escape plan just so he can save Tina and Jenny. When Jenny is released, she chuckles happily and hugs Lee and the other heroes before moving to Tina's room.
  • Mannifestum Rising Jenny doesn't really seem to mind seeing Lee and Tina have their moments. She seems to have gotten over her crush and was waiting for a moment alone with Lee to fix the mess.
  • Date With Destiny When Jenny asks whether Lee came for both of them or not, Lee sternly answers saying that Jenny is important too as she's part of their friend group. Jenny is touched by this and then decides to do what she can to help bring Tina and Lee together despite her crush. She also chooses to remain friends with both of them as she realizes how valuable her friendship is with both Lee and Tina.


"You heard your new crush he said to go!" Lou

"Yeah Jen, we came for both of ya." Lee


  • After the episode "Big Chicken," Jenny seems to begin avoiding making direct contact with Lee, likely because she doesn't think she is good enough for him as she has just learned about his past relationship with Brandy.
    • Unfortunately, this develops an insecurity in her that causes her to briefly believe that Lee doesn't even like her and that he wouldn't have shown up to Coral Grove if it weren't for Tina. Luckily, Lee proves her wrong.
    • When Jenny finds the content in the book, she calls Tina to get Lee rather than calling him herself.
  • Lee rescuing Jenny in "Outcast Times at A Nigma High" and them smiling at each other briefly is essentially foreshadowing their "romantic" relationship.
  • Lee is one of the few characters who doesn't tease Jenny for her nose-picking
  • Jenny is often snarky towards Lee despite her crush on him
  • When Brandy mentions Tina's obvious crush, Jenny is hurt by her words.
  • Lee likes both girls but he doesn't like being stuck with both together due to their tendency to fight.
    • When he's on his way to the fairgrounds, he calls Cam, Holger and Biffy to see if they want to come, they all decline.
    • In "Serpent Strike" when Tina calls him to go meet Jenny, he tries to get Holger to join him, again he declines.