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“'Aint he just the bee's knees?
- Lynch Webber (From The Tag Along)


Lynch asleep whilst being Radcircles

This article features the relationship between Lynch Webber and Lee Ping.


Lee's relationship with Lynch has always been more then just a little mixed. While as Lynch he shows himself to be a loyal ally to Lee and his goals being his self proclaimed sidekick. However this is in fact a cleverly crafted ruse, in reality he is the psychotic, unstable and completely insane Radcircles, perpetrator of the prank and dedicated to making Lee Ping's life completely miserable.

Episodes showing a Friendship[]

  • Welcome to Factory Island - Lee aided Lynch in escaping from the self destructing Green apple splat factory. Lynch also refers to Lee as his personal hero.
  • The Tag Along - Lynch pulled the Fire alarm in emulation of Lee's prank, and as a result joined Lee for detention during his investigation into the underground lab, though it's strongly implied that he was sabotaging Lee all along.
  • A. Nigma Prison Blues - Lynch repeatedly aided Lee his assistance in getting Radcircles, in reality his own, phone back, giving him a bobby pin with which he picked a lock and joining him and Bradley Von Chillstein in the cell phone rescue mission. though it appears that he was carrying out Victoria's agenda the whole time.
  • Knock, Knock - Lynch offered to help Lee track down Radcircles via triangulating his email messages to Lee, though it's later revealed that it was a trap set up by himself.

Episodes showing a Conflict[]


  • Fence-O-Palooza- Lynch meets Lee at the fairgrounds to get his key, ultimately revealing his true identity to him.