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This article features the relationship between Lee and the Down With Lee Club. For more information on Lee Ping and his relationships with the members of this club, see Lee and Giuseppe Stern and Lee and Irwin for more information.


The relationship between the two is virtually self explanatory, the group of people is literally called the Down With Lee Club, and dedicates their time to hating and despising Lee. In addition to being wrongly accused of Pranks pulled by Lee most members of the Club already had reasons to hate Lee, often they were inadvertent victims of Lee's investigations.

Episodes Showing a Conflict[]

  • Blitzkrieg Bop'd: Giuseppe Stern threatened to sue Lee for his clothes after they are ruined by The Prank.
  • Jock and Roll High School: Lee busted Ed McFeeney as the school thief.
  • Math Math Revolution: Irwin Dexter attempted to ruin Lee's new found reputation by using a photoshopped picture of himself and Lee to make it look like Lee picked his nose.
  • 15th Graders: All four members of the Down With Lee club were accidentally framed for Lee's pranks that he pulled to get himself detention. Forming the Down With Lee club that afternoon during Chaz Monerainian's "Ping gets Dinged" special.
  • The Down With Lee Club: The Members of the Down With Lee Club began pulling pranks on Lee to get back at him. This earned the attention of Radcircles whom promised with his leadership the group would get Lee expelled, devising a overly complicated plan to get Lee expelled that ultimately failed.
  • The Hair Incident: When Lee discovered a bag identical to his at a store where Giuseppe works he asked him for a list of names of people who he sold the bag to, naturally since Giuseppe is a card carrying member of the Down with Lee club he refused to help Lee.
  • A. Nigma Prison Blues: While the undesirables of the school were stashed away by Barrage during the school inspection by Inspector Blompkins Ed stole Radcircles' phone from Lee, though Ed claims that he did so on impulse.
  • Tales from Decrypt: Irwin refused to help Lee decrypt Radcircles phone, having to get beaten in a dance off by Holger Holgaart before he would reveal the secret to decoding the phone.