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Tell me you guys were seeing the Tazelwurm tapdancing too.....
-Lee asks Camillio and Holger about the Tazelwurm tapdancing (From 28 Sneezes Later)

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Lee with the Tazelwurm in Season 3

This article features the relationship between Lee Ping and The Red Tazelwurm.


In the early episodes, the Tazelwurm appeared to be nothing more than a vicious, carnivorous predator. It was often seen attacking students, including Lee, and apparently trying to eat them. However, this was intended mainly to serve as a means to scare them. In reality, the Tazelwurm is highly intelligent, at least comparable to a human's level of intelligence. Further, he has proven himself a valuable ally to Lee, providing him with vital information about The Prank and saving him from getting caught on several occasions.

Episodes Showing a Conflict[]

  • Blitzkrieg Bop'd - The Red Tazelwurm attacked Lee while he was in the air-vents and though Lee was able to blind the creature. It was implied, at the time, that the Tazelwurm would have killed Lee, although his true motives aren't known.
  • The Theme Team - When Lee brought Vice Principal Victoria into the underground lab in hopes of recruiting her in his fight against Radcircles, the Tazelwurm attacked her until being chased off by the Cleaners. Though since it's later revealed that Victoria was involved with the Prank conspiracy it can be safe to say that he was acting in Lee's best interests.
  • Revenge of the Cycle Killers - The Tazelwurm stole the file on Sue Ping from Lee and Biffy and threw it into a bonfire to keep it from both of them.

Episodes Showing a Friendship[]

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Lee and the Tazelurm meet in the underground laboratory.

  • 28 Sneezes Later - The Tazelwurm stole Lee's phone and used it to lure Lee to the underground laboratory beneath the school, where the Tazelwurm attempted to show Lee the true motives behind the Prank. The combination of Lee's cold and the evidence being confiscated left the information unrevealed. During this time the Tazelwurm planted information in Lee's phone that led to a locker containing vital evidence.
  • 15th Graders - Lee used the evidence the Tazelwurm left for him which consisted of Lee's original bag with a key hidden inside which helped Lee on later occasions (Welcome to Factory Island The Tag Along, and Chaz's Corner, etc). The Tazelwurm also saved Lee from the 15th Graders out on the football pitch.
  • Outcast Times at A Nigma High - Lee needed to snag a Tazelwurm whisker for the Outcasts and thus led them into the underground lab where Lee knows the Tazelwurm tends to hang out. While there, the group was attacked by cyborg Tazelwurms who likely would have done them serious harm if not for the Tazelwurm who quickly led the group to safety and sacrificed himself to hold them off while the others escaped.
  • Tales from Decrypt - When the Tazelwurm learned that Lee was trying to decipher Radcircles cell phone, he led him to the new clubhouse of A. Nigma High's intellectual elite and opened the door from the inside for him. Later, when Lee snuck into the Labs for a Cleaner head ,the Tazelwurm ran interference with Principal General Barrage and the Cleaners while Lee escaped.
  • Knock Knock - When Lee had traveled to the Green Apple Splat factory again and was trying to escape again the Tazelwurm ran interference with the other Tazelwurms allowing Lee to escape.
  • Return of the Ping - When Lee was being kidnapped by the MWF Corporation the Tazelwurm aided his escape by taking down the Cleaner escorting him, also the Tazelwurm was so glad to see him again he jumped into his arms and licked his face. Furthermore he also suggested, via charades, that Lee finds Principal General Barrage and get him clear his name for him.
  • Clogspiracy - When Lee and Camillio Martinez were fighting a Tazelwurm cyborg, the Tazelwurm came in and dispatched his cyborg brother for them, leading them to the school's wood shop and thus facilitating their classmates escape and rescue by Mrs. Ping.
  • All That Taz - When the Tazelwurm was kidnapped by The Council, Lee worked with Biffy and risked their lives to save him, succeeding and releasing him into the safety of the city.
  • The Outcasts Strike Back! - When Lee and the Outcasts break into the tunnels he comes to their rescue yet again, even unlocking The Book and reluctantly giving the Outcasts another one of his whiskers.
  • Band Of Heroes - He helped Lee get aboard the shuttle to rescue Camillio Martinez and Holger Holgaart.