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This article features the relationship between Veronica Victoria and Lynch Webber.

Prior to the series[]

It is unknown if Lynch knew Victoria before Season 1.

Episodes showing a conflict[]

Knock Knock, Victoria is seen arguing with Lynch, and later in the episode,Lee asks about the incident, and Lynch replies by saying that he spilled some Green Apple Splat on her blouse, he was probably lying.

In The Dance Part 2, Victoria and Lynch's plot is revealed.  When they stood next to each other Victoria reprimands Lynch for all the doors he has brought down for his game.  She shows to be utterly annoyed by him, and he seems to be a little afraid of her.

Episodes showing a friendship[]

The Dance Part 1, Victoria and Lynch are working together, putting the finishing touches on their brainwashing project for The Dance.

The Dance Part 2, They kidnap BarrageTina and Lee, and attemp to send them to Coral Grove, but their plans are foiled by Barrage, who sacrivices himself in order to send Lee and Tina back to A Nigma High to stop Victoria and Lynch, Victoria later gets arrested by The Council, and it is unknown if Lynch made it to Coral Grove or not.