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MWF Submarines are possibly built by Finnwich, as he built the CleanersReaper Mats, Blue Reaper MatsSteam-Mats and Eyebots. They appear to transport any Coral Grove Prisoners to and from Coral Grove after picking them up from an MWF Van.


They are white and have the Mann, Wurst, Finnwich Logo on the top of the entrance hatch. The inside is decorated with the signature MWF green. It houses many crates that the prisoners are in.


Season 3:

Misadventures In Babysitting : It was seen in a picture on the hardrive from Principal General Barrage's computer.

Season 4:

Follow that Finnwich: They were transporting the Experts, two Blue Reaper Mats, Finnwich, Lynch Webber and the Unnamed Female Council Member.

Game of Clones: It made its second appearance in Game of Clones.

It transported Tina Kwee  and Jenny Jerkins to Coral Grove.