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The Book

The Manifester Arcainiumus

The Manifesto Arcanuous, more commonly referred to as simply "The Book", is a mysterious piece of literature that has ties to the overarching conspiracy of Detentionaire.

Key Events[]

It was found by Jenny Jergens in the library, and introduced in The Outcasts Strike Back!. The key to opening it was apparently the The Tazelwurm's fangs.

Niles Peg once checked the book out of the library for three years, and it is assumed that he tried to open the Pyramid as well. After failing, he was cursed to sleep like one of The Council members and Lynch Webber.

In the episode Serpent Strike, the Council comes to know that Jenny Jergens has the Book and sends The Serpent to get it from her to which he succeeds. The book can only be read by a special cipher, one that Finnwich possesses.


On the back, there are two Tazelwurms, red and blue, in positions similar to the Ying and Yang symbol. It seems to include details of the Pyramid under the school as well as Lee's tattoo. It is in another language that only Finnwich (who is the original owner) can read.