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Math Math Revolution
Math Math Revolution Tittlecard
Season 1 · Episode 4
Episode Information
Written by Emer Connon
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date September 15, 2011
Flag of Australia   Air Date June 2, 2012
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Math Math Revolution is the 4th episode of Detentionaire. It originally aired on September 15, 2011.


Lee revisits his past as a Mathletes when he gets Holger to infiltrate them to find out if they sent an email to the Skaters. When Holger gets captured, Lee has to escape detention to rescue him.


  • Lee Ping's room/HQ

"Having Detention for a whole year for pulling off the biggest prank in High School history is bad enough right? But everything I do to try and prove I'm innocent, gets me into even more trouble! I was sure the Skaters were behind The Prank but they got their orders from someone pretending to be me in an email and they only did the paint part. I've got an email address Radcircles@ANigmahigh. Now I just gotta figure out who sent it!"

  • 4:12:14PM

Lee Ping is running through the halls carrying Biffy Goldstein's cat, Mr. Rumplekittykat. Principal General Barrage is hunting down the cat with the intent of stomping it like a vermin. Biffy reminds Lee that he is carrying his tracking device.

  • Earlier that day
Lee is trying to figure out Radcircle's password so that he can log onto his account and figure out who he is, without success thus far. Lee meets up with Camillio Martinez who strangely wants to avoid touching him. Camillio explains t
Leepicking nose

The picture of Lee picking his nose.

hat there's a picture circulating throughout the school depicting Lee picking his nose. Lee points out that the picture was obviously photo-shopped pointing out that it's not even his hand in the picture.

Lee at first suspects it to be Radcircles but it's IPfreely@ANigmahigh that sent the picture. Camillio is overly concerned about the picture because it will ruin Lee's new found reputation. Not even Brandy wants to be near Lee.

  • 8:36AM

Tina Kwee and Chaz Monerainian are reporting the news that, thankfully, turkey lasanga will be banned from the cafeteria. The Mathletes meet Lee outside his class. Irwin Dexter taking the opportunity to mock Lee. Lee in turn mocks the Mathletes for spending six years on the "Pythagorum math equation", which they still haven't solve. Holger Holgaart wonders why the Mathletes hate Lee so much.

Camillio explains that Lee use to be a Mathlete and he and Irwin use to be best buds, Holger is shocked by the revelation that Lee use to be someone's friend but is not now. Lee suddenly realizes that Radcircles is math speak, as in the "radius of a circle" thus Radcircles is Irwin. Lee realizes that if Radcircles is Irwin then his email is super encrypted, but if he can get to Irwin's laptop then he can log on and get the evidence he needs.

During Lee's free period he sneaks into the library to spy on the Mathletes, but Barrage has arrived on scene. Meanwhile in Math class Camillio recruits Tina's help in figuring out who sent the prank email and who sent the booger email, in exchange Camillio promises a exclusive with Lee.

  • 9:46AM

Back in the library Lee is trying to hack Irwin's computer but he's caught by the Mathletes. Lee accuses Irwin of the Email but he dodges the question. Before Lee can clearify he's caught by Barrage and as this is a free period Lee is to report to detention. Once in detention Lee calls Holger to get him to spy on the Mathletes. Holger a little desperate to keep Lee's friendship dutifully attends to the request.

  • 3:10PM

After school Tina and Camillio meet to discuss the plan, Camillio is unofficially deputised into the news team and with that access Tina takes him into the School's main terminal, through which they can trace the emails. Biffy and Lee meet for detention, Biffy making tons of "picking puns" at Lee's expense, even if the picture is a fake. Holger is captured by the Mathletes, Lee can't do much about it since Barrage is standing guard.

Camillio and Tina infiltrait the mainframe and begin tracing the email while keeping Lynch Webber, the School's technician, occupied with another email. Irwin begins tickle torturing Holger with a feather demanding to know why Lee sent him into the Math room, Holger stupidly dodges the questions and thus gets extra torture squeezed in.

Biffy attempts a risky Barrage tracking method to get rid of him, he plants a camera and tracking device onto Mr. Rumplekittykat and releases him into the halls prompting Barrage to chase after him. With this, Lee is able to freely sneak his way to the math room. Once there the Mathletes are attempting to Shave Holger's head. After some minor inconvenience Camillio and Tina get the identity of Radcircles though they don't have time for IPFreely.

Irwin challenges Lee to a hybrid dance off/math challenge, Lee wins Holger goes free, Irwin wins Holger goes free with a buzzcut. Lee accuses Irwin of the email again and Irwin confesses, Irwin shows Lee a photoshopped picture of himself and Lee that was edited together thus making it look like Lee was picking his nose, revealing himself to be IPFreely. Though Irwin wins via the distraction Holger goes free hair and all.

Lee apologizes for endangering Holger, but he's ok with it. Holger decides to join the math group realizing that they basically dance all day. Biffy calls Lee and informs him that Barrage is catching up with his cat who in turn is leading him back to the sub-basement. Picking up where the preview left off Lee has saved the cat and is hiding from Barrage.

Lee and Mr. Rumplekittykat avoid Barrage and make it back to the sub-basement in time to be dismissed. Once home Camillio calls Lee and tells him that the missing Principal Wurst is Radcircles.



Webisode 4[]


Detentionaire Web Exclusive 4 - Tina Kwee

While Camillio is distracting Lynch Tina tracks down the Radcircles email. She discovers that it was Principal Wurst who sent the Email and discovers that it came from Coral Grove just a few days before the prank. When Tina tries to learn more a frightening automated warning tells her that she is accessing a private and confidential account and shuts her out. Tina wonders why Lee would want to know what Wurst's email is.



Detentionaire Episode 4-Math Math Revolution


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