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She is second from the right

McKenzie Phillips is a member of the Glamazons. She is also a background character and one of the many characters who doesn't talk in the series.


Although her personality is unknown she is likely to act like a stereotypical popular teenage girl. This can be inferred by the way she acts socially around Lee and Cam, in one of the episodes he is shown snarling/flaring her nostrils at Cam when Brandy leaves the lunch table that Cam McKenzie Brandy and Druscilla were sitting at. (After McKenzie snarled she and Druscilla got up and walked away, leaving Cam alone.


  • In the release of the 1st episode there is an animation error where McKenzie is shown outside the school when Cam and Lee are walking in and once they are inside the school McKenzie is shown inside the school with the rest of the Glamazons.