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Michael Osborn is the great grandfather of Harry Osborn. He is the first of the Osborn bloodline to oppose himself to the evil plans of Mann, Wurst, and Finnwich, as he was alive in the times of its creation. He is the founder of Agape, an independent health Organization.

The history of Michael Osborn will be made short because of its complexity. The site cannot contain as much information. So briefly:


Michael Osborn was the son of a rich and powerful man who made a fortune in the oil industry. As an adventurous teenager, he discovered the tunnels under his school, A. Nigma High and also made the discovery of the Antiquis Triangulum. His Eminence entered in contact with Michael and give him the mark, as he was convinced that the Osborn bloodline would be of great help to MWF. The young Osborn was infatuated with the mysteries of the world and the pyramid and joined MWF. The father also joined the evil Organization for financial gain, believing what was in the pyramid could make him gain more money.

But because of the red and blue Tazelwurm, Lo Ping and Michael Osborn became aware of the plans of His Eminence and deserted the Organization. They both tattooed themselves a fire trigram on top of their mark that they would pass on to the next generation as a means of protection from MWF. Lo Ping traveled back to Korea and Michael would hide somewhere in Canada. After learning this, His Eminence, furious, destroyed the fortune of the Osborn as MWF had the majority of it, even though the father was unaware of it. So the Osborn family was left with close to nothing. The father of Michael died of a heart attack not so long after.

Michael Osborn chose to use what was left of their previous fortune to make a positive change in the world, unlike his father. So he became the CEO of Agape, befriended The Blue Tazelwurm, built a Temple(Temple Of The Eternal), married the love of his life, and had a son, Arthur Osborn. He taught him everything he knew about the world and the conspiracy to his son, for him to become an even greater spiritual master than he was. As The Red Tazelwurm decided to stay at A. Nigma High to protect it, The Blue Tazelwurm decided to protect the Temple Of The Eternal to keep it safe forever