[off-screen]Cassandra, I assure you I know nothing about a breach in the database coming from my home
-Brandy Silver's mother (From Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil)

Mrs. Silver is the mother of Brandy Silver. She is a judge and is involved with the Coral Grove conspiracy. She apparently provides a way to make kidnapping people and sending them to Coral Grove legal.


In Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil, she is heard off-screen telling Cassandra McAdams that she has no knowledge of a breach in the database coming from her home. She asks her daughter Brandy if she was going through her private things, a question her daughter misinterprets as being about using her lipstick. As Brandy leaves Cleaners arrive to go through their home, which annoys Mrs. Silver greatly.


She must be a corrupt judge to participate in locking up innocent people. She and her daughter do not appear to be close at all.


  • It is unknown if she faced any consequences for leaving brochures for Coral Grove where Tina Kwee could find them.
  • The first password Tina discovered for Mrs. Silver to log in to the Coral Grove site was "dolladollabillyall," which suggests her motive for helping the conspiracy is financial.



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