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-Niles Peg, when caught inside the solar eclipse's beam of light (From Pyramid Scheme)

Sleeping ugly

Niles Peg, more commonly known as "Sleeping Ugly," is the teacher who supervises students during detention. As his nickname suggests, he is always asleep. His constant sleeping allows Lee to sneak out during detention to continue his investigation about The Prank. It turns out that his name is actually Niles Peg and he tried to open the pyramid but he was zapped causing him to fall asleep.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


Thoughout the series Niles did not show any notable skills until the season 3 finale where he was shown to have some sort of mystical powers. His eyes turned into triangles, and he spoke "Manifestum" in an otherworldly way.

He may have the ability to teleport and/or simply move at high speed with the stealth to aid, as seen when he moved from one seat to another within seconds. ("Pyramid Scheme")



  • His "nickname" was first coined by Lee Ping[1].
  • Although Nilles is only interacted with in a few episodes, he often has cameos during the detention scenes, always sleeping in random positions.
    • Various episodes show him sleeping on top of a filing cabinet, clutching onto a globe.
  • His nickname is an obvious play on "Sleeping Beauty".
  • His name is an anagram of "Sleeping".
    • Removing the S in his name also can create an anagram of "Lee Ping".
  • It is never shown what he did before "falling asleep".


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