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The Outcasts were a once-popular clique. At some point they were hypnotized through The Council's Prank Song, although they believe they were cursed into becoming unpopular because of their unattractive habits[1].

5 Current Outcasts

The Outcasts


  • Lou Black - The leader of the group[1]. He's a chronic thumbsucker, and ,according to Cam, he also eats while sucking his thumb, which takes "mad skill'.
  • Deuce Markowitz[1]- His habit is to eat anything totally gross, as well as being hungry all the time. He also has an extreme phobia to words starting with 'B'.
  • Jenny Jerkins[1]- Chronic nose picker. Lee says she likes to keep her finger there for no particular reason.


Prior to the Series[]

4 Younger Outcasts

Younger Outcasts in Lee's 10th Birthday Party.

They used to be popular when younger. They were seen hanging with the older kids, winning sports awards, and one even dated a cheerleader. But then, suddenly, they lost their popularity due to having acquire unattractive habits. One day they were popular, the next they were the Outcasts. In reality, they were hypnotized in the Brainwashing Room underneath the school, as first test subjects of the Prank Song.

Season 2[]

They were first introduced in the episode Outcast Times At A.Nigma High while Lee and Cam try to find if any of of the three are RadCircles, or if any were working for him. When seeing a documentary on Tatzelwurms, the Outcasts find out that a single

38 You got it!

The Outcasts with the whisker

whisker from a Red Tazelwurm can reverse any curse. Cam, hearing this, offers to get them one from Lee, who is friends with the Taz. Their first attempt didn't bring him to them, so Lee took them to the underground tunnels. Once there, they followed the Taz to the Brainwashing Room, where the Outcasts remembered that it was there when they first started with their habits. Unfortunately, they were chased by Blue Tazelwurms to the Pyramid, which they were forced to climb to escape through a hole underneath the Outcasts' table in the cafeteria. Lee, in the end, gave them the whisker from the Taz he had found, which they gladly accepted, having confirmed that none of them were RadCircles.

Season 3[]

The Outcasts

Lee confronting the Outcasts after they stole his bag.

They returned in The Outcasts Strike Back!, where they stole Lee's bag to obtain access to the tunnels via the Key. When Lee found them, they explained that they had tried to perform a ritual to uncurse themselves, Jenny having found a book in the library that she thought might help. They couldn't open the book and after getting the whisker away from Deuce, who tried to eat it, it was burned and destroyed. Thinking that Lee wouldn't want to help them again because of their unpopularity, they stole his bag and the Key, to try to find another whisker themselves, having spent weeks digging a hole to the tunnels. When Lee rescues them from a robotic Tazelwurm, and they explain their situation, he accepts to help them. At that moment, they hear the Pyramid Room is under attack by Tazelwurms, and Lou runs off, not listening to Lee say they are Blue Tazelwurms. Lee, Jenny and Deuce follow him, and are barely able to escape the battle between the Cleaners and Tazelwurms. In the end, they escape to the library thanks to the Red Taz, who ends up giving another whisker for the Outcasts, opening the book Jenny had found.

In later episodes (until the season finale), Jenny helps Lee keep investigating the book she had found, with Deuce and Lou only appearing a couple of times. They were still unfortunately 'cursed', as another attempt wasn't shown, even if Jenny did say "she was working on it".


  • The members of The Outcasts were guests at Lee's 10th birthday party[1].
  • The Outcasts may have been brainwashed by Carl Brocher, a member of The Council.
  • One of the outcasts once dated a cheerleader[1].
  • Outcasts occupy the last table at cafeteria in the back corner[1].
  • They say the Outcasts used to be popular, but aside from Lee, they never mention who they hung out with.
  • The three of them were called into room Room 113b in episode 16, "The Cam-didate".



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