[Lee] is trouble, he should be punished, he should be...welcomed back to school with open arms.
-Phil Blompkins


Blompkins holding a clog

Superintendent Phil Blompkins is the School Board's official inspector, whom came to evaluate the state of A. Nigma High during the events of A. Nigma Prison Blues. He prematurely ended the inspection when a myriad of different events occurred; but returned one week later to complete it.

In Season 3, Blompkins temporarily becomes the principal of A. Nigma High after Barrage disappears.


Though Phil Blompkins appears to be very eccentric, he follows the rules to a T. The few times he appears as an inspector, Blompkins shows a high regard for keeping up with the rules, granting demerits to Principal General Barrage at the slightest bit of leniency. He is also shown to be very careful, also granting demerits should something be even slightly unsafe.

As shown multiple times throughout the series, Blompkins has a great love for wooden clogs, and forces the students of A. Nigma High to wear them to school after he becomes its principal. His love for wooden clogs is undoubtedly his most prominent trait.