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The Inspector yelling at Barrage

Superintendent Phil Blompkins is the School Board's official inspector, who recurrently comes to A. Nigma High for a school inspection throughout Season 2.

He became the principal of A. Nigma High for the two debut episodes of Season 3 after Barrage's disappearance. He attempted to get all of the students to wear clogs (banning normal shoes) and after the complaints of the students and notably Sue Ping (who saw him trying to hurt her son Lee and his friends), was fired.


As an insprector Blompkins is obesessed with perfection and discipline, but acts very impatient and even weird in eyes of other, especially when something goes off-hand.

He prematurely ended the inspection when: (A) Radcircles' phone rang (twice) at the wrong time(s), (B) he discovered Barrage's deception in hiding all the Detentionaires in the gym (although they were also hidden in the detention room and a portable classroom) and (C) he saw Tina Kwee and Brad Von Chillstein kissing. Enraged he gave Principal General Barrage a failing grade, and returned to the school one week later to complete his inspection.


  • Tina: Blompkins is bonkers. // Blompkins: The power of clogs, the one who tries to unleash the mysterious powers is most dangerous. // Tina: See, bonkers.
  • Blompkins (to Tina): This is a clog factory, not a book reading center! // Tina: No, it's a school, which basically classifies as a 'book reading center'.
  • Blompkins (about Lee): He is trouble, he should be punished, he should be.... (after a beat) welcomed back to school with open arms!


  • As hinted in "Return of the Ping" when Blompkins states Lee should be kicked out of school, then suddenly changes to 'welcomed back', it is possible that Blompkins takes some orders from the Council, or, likely, His Eminence. In "Date With Destiny" His Eminence reveals the recoding of Blompkins receiving the message on the screen while talking to Cassandra, and Cassandra specifically mentions that Blompkins was deliberately set up to replace Barrage.
    • This opens the idea that Blompkins is knowingly working under His Eminence, although it's highly unlikely and he could've just followed the orders for school board reasons, because he seems to be more inclined with the school board characteristically, and feels less connected to MWF. We never see him after Clogspiracy, either, when he very possibly could've cameo'd in Date with Destiny in a Coral Grove prison cell, which he didn't.