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Priscilla hissing.

Priscilla is the pet snake of The Serpent. It is confirmed that she is female. She seems to live within the Hydra Casino.


She has dark blue-green scales along her back with a lighter shade of blue on her underside. Her eyes are a dull yellow. One could infer that she is over 5 feet in length as she is able to wrap around both Biffy and Holger multiple times as seen in Enter the Serpent. Judging by this, one could also infer that she is a constrictor.



◾In the episode The Hydra when Biffy, Cam and Holger get intimidated by her, the Serpent tells them not to mind 'him'(the snake), but later says to Cam "I've noticed she really likes you".

  • She has been trained to preform tasks.
  • In Serpent Strike, Lee believes the reason as to why Priscilla was nice to him was because he reminds her of her master. This may also tie into the blood relation between Lee and the Serpent.