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Not much is known about the robots at this point, however, Barrage stated that they can fly using magnet technology of

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Using their magnet powers

 some kind. They can also use their magnets as tractor beams to move objects and as weapons by firing "streams" of energy at people. Additionally, the blue Reaper Mats seem to have the ability to cause disabling head pains that will result in said target passing out, by using a signal of some sort.

They were attempting to transport Lee, Tina and Barrage toCoral Grove so it can be reasoned they are related to Coral Grove and/or The Council in some capacity. They were able to defeat Barrage, a former military general, indicating they are capable fighters.

Their suits resemble the hazmat suits worn by the Cleaners, with their masks in particular having similar designs.

Assumabley, they were made Finwich (due to looking like the hazMats), and work for the Council. There are also Blue ones who are presumably under the control the Experts, as well as Red Reaper Mats under the control of His Eminence.

Each different type of the reaper mat seems to have different traits. The green ones are equipped with scythes, the blue ones can cause head pains, and the red ones are able to create small energy shields. The green ones can fly, while the blue and red ones seem to only be able to hover.


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