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The Red Reaper Mats and His Eminence.

The Red Reaper Mats made their first appearance in the Season 4 finale, Date With Destiny. They work for His Eminence as they were seen attempting to stop Cassandra McAdams and Kimmie McAdams , as well as Lee Ping, Holger, Biffy, Tina, Jenny, and Finnwich on his orders. Like the regular Reaper Mats and Blue Reaper Mats they carry hammers which give off a tracror beam.


Red electric force fields can generate from their hands to protect them and if someone is trying to free a prisoner of the shields they can shoot at the person to make a force field around them or crystalize them.


They look the same as the green reaper mats and the blue 'fancy bots' as lee would call them but they seem stronger and more intelligent than the rest of the robots