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Lee Ping walking to Room 113b.

At some point in each episode Tina's voice comes on the PA (except during The Dance Part 1, where Chaz's voice is heard instead) and tells two students, usually members of the clique Lee is investigating for that day, to report to Room 113b.


Lee and Biffy outside of Room 113b.

Up until The Theme Team, the announcements and the room are generally ignored by Lee Ping and his friends. However, the episode reveals that the room is, in fact, a janitor's closet, with a picture of Alexander Nigma's brother Earl Nigma. The room, as revealed in The Dance Part 1, actually acts as an elevator that brings students to a secret, underground brainwashing laboratory.

PA Calls[]


  • In later episodes of season two, the students called down to the room are the couples that the computer (in the lab) determines will be couples for the Save the Rainforest Dance.
  • Although most characters are called down only once, some characters are called down multiple times:
    • Brandy Silver has been called down twice.
    • Kimmie McAdams has been called down twice.
    • Holger Holgaart has been called down twice.
    • Camillio Martinez has been called down three times.
  • Camillio holds the record for being called down to Room 113b the most, having been called down three times: once in Welcome to Factory Island, once in Tales From Decrypt and once in The Dance Part 1.
    • Oddly, Camillio is called down alongside a different female student each time: Suzie Elliot, Toni Williams and Brandy Silver in Welcome to Factory Island, Tales From Decrypt and The Dance Part 1, respectively.