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Ruby Kwee is the 11 year old sister of Tina Kwee. Despite her young age Ruby has been skipped ahead several grades and is currently in 10th grade, and was recommended to university by her favourite teacher, Mr. Rousseau. She previously claimed to be behind the prank, so she wouldn't have to leave high school to go to university. She first appeared in Mastermind and appeared again in Tales from Decrypt. Along with a few other geniuses, including the "Tech Nerd", Nadene and Irwin Dexter, formed the "Genius Club": an organisation dedicated to making sure the Cleaners do not go haywire again.

She appears in the background in Big Chicken.


  • Her favourite subject is quantum strings theory.
  • She loves cute animals.
  • She's excellent at playing chess.
  • Her favourite teacher is Mr. Rousseau, a history teacher.
  • Irwin has noted that all Kwee family members, excluding Tina, are extremely intelligent.
  • Biffy thinks she's 8.