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Sal, a hardworking Green Apple Splat employee.

Careful tall, weird-looking boy.
-Sal warns Holger not to touch the control panels of the factory (From From Welcome to Factory Island)

Sal was an employee of the Green Apple Splat factory before it was shut into lockdown for the second time. He currently works for Big Chicken Delivery.


Sal first appeared in Welcome to Factory Island, where he gave the tenth-graders a tour of the factory. As the factory went into lockdown mode, he escaped and fled to the boat where most of the students and staff were.

Sal appears once more in Big Chicken. After three seasons of absence, Sal is shown to be an employee of the Big Chicken restaurant food chain, and delivers various buckets of chicken to the teachers of A Nigma. Throughout the episode, he is annoyed by Holger, who tries to prove to his friend that a big chicken is at the school. Holger attempts to stop him from crushing Lee by taking numerous pictures until 9:30, the time when Lee would supposedly be crushed.


Sal is a middle-aged man with brown hair and side burns that are hidden by either a baseball hat, (Welcome to Factory Island) or the top part of a chicken costume. (Big Chicken)


Sal seems to have a very, sad, droopy, tired demeanor.