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I've read all eight books in the trilogy, OK? And everybody knows that if it was in a book it has to be true.
-Cam to Tina (From 28 Sneezes Later)


Lee's poster for a Space Zombie movie.

Space Zombie is a sci-fi franchise popular among A Nigma High students.[1]. It apparently consists of a series currently made up of eight books and three movies.[1]


The details of the plot of the series is unknown, yet it revolves around a flu which turns people into mindless zombies which later causes an zombie outbreak. The flu itself originates, presumably, from space.[1]

Space Zombie Flu[]

the symptoms of the flu are (in order): coughing, sneezing, itchy butt cramps and hallucination. After infected person starts to see hallucinations next step is turning into mindless Space Zombie. It's only need is to devour human brains.[1]


  • The movies feature lot's of shooting scenes[1]
  • The book series has eight parts while so far there were three movies based on them.[1]
    • Even though there were eight books in the series, it is still called a trilogy[1]
  • At the premier of the Space Zombie III first one hundred viewers got free space zombie masks.[1]
  • Even thought Space Zombie Flu is fictional Cam and Chaz believe in it's existence.[1]
  • Under the poster of Space Zombies 2 Lee hides the plan of the school and most of the clues and evidences from his investigation[2]


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